Sam & Harlem

I’m writing this letter on behalf of my beloved husband who passed away 6
months ago to cancer. My husband’s battle with cancer was a long and hard
struggle. We were both on disability and barely able to make ends meet even
way before we received the news of his illness. My husband was never much
for words or expressing emotions. He grew up in a time when men who showed
emotions were considered weak but I know he loved me and he showed it all
the time through his actions. We had two dogs that had been with us for
over ten years when my husband’s diagnosis was confirmed. Our male dog Sam
was especially partial to my husband. Always greeting him at the door and
always at his feet when relaxing in front of the tv.

After going through chemo with no progress my husband seemed to decline into
a deep depression. During those days the only time my husband would show
any emotion was when Harlem would walk into the room. He then seemed to
brighten up a bit and smile as Sam licked his face or hand.

Because we were already on disability we had signed up for the PALS program
4 years earlier with Kevin. Every month we would get food and whenever it
was time for the boys to get their shots, Kevin would call to see if we
needed him to come take them for their appointment. My husband was at home
when he passed away with both of our dogs laying by his side. They never
moved from that spot the whole day before my husband passed away. I know
that without the support of PALS my husband last memory of his healthy dogs
by his side could not have been possible. There isn’t any words that can
describe how thankful and blessed we both have been by having such an
amazing organization available for us. Still today my boys are strong and
healthy even as they are getting up there in age I know that as long as
people like Kevin and everyone else involved with PALS is around my
companions will continue to have the life they deserve.

Greatest Gratitude