Keeping Henry Where He Belonged

When asked to write a few lines about how the PALS program impacts my life
with my best friend Henry, my only concern was how could I express my love
and gratitude to such an amazing organization in only a few lines.

I am a 89 year old very private women and never ask for handouts but with
the small amount of money I receive from social security I barely make
enough to cover my bills and myself much less my pet. On many occasions I
went without eating so that Henry had food. Henry was already a year over
due for his shots and heartworm test and I had no idea how I was going to
get the money to get this done. So when a friend told me about PALS I gave
in to my stubborn pride and called them.

I have dealt with a lot of state run agencies for one thing or another
always with the same result, feeling like a was a burden to the person on
the other end of the phone and never feeling that I had gotten the
information I had asked about nor feeling any sense of relief.

When I ended the call with PALS I felt not only relieved but overjoyed that
their was an organization out there that treated me like a human being and
made me feel like it was a pleasure helping me figure out a solution to
keeping Henry where he belonged, with me

I have no doubt that the reason I am still alive today is because of my dog.
He gives me the motivation to get out of bed every morning knowing that he
depends on me. He makes me feel needed and loved. Thank you Kevin and PALS
for being a big part of our lives.