There are various ways that you can help us continue our mission of helping those in need.  If you are looking to donate your time, please check out our Get Involved page.  If you are seeking information on how to contribute monetarily, check out the information below.

When I ended the call with PALS I felt not only relieved but overjoyed that their was an organization out there that treated me like a human being and made me feel like it was a pleasure helping me figure out a solution to keeping Henry where he belonged, with me.

- Nellie, a PALS client

Make a monthly donation

This is the main way we provide regular care to the pets of those in need.

Donate in honor of someone

Help PALS keep our clients and their beloved pets together and healthy. You can choose to honor your own loved one by doing so.

I’m just grateful and humbled that I am able to receive these services. It’s just a blessing. It cuts down on stress of worry about if I don’t have enough to buy the food or get his rabies shots and other things that he needs. Please make a donation to PALS to help me keep my best friend.

- Chip, a PALS client, and dad to Goldie

Happy dog outside.

Stock our pantry with kibbles

We are always in need of pet food, click below to see our Amazon or Chewy wishlist.

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