Provides Me With So Much Comfort

Growing up in the country there were always dogs and cats running around
outside of my parents house. Once I became an adult and moved into the real
world I just didn’t have the time to take on the responsibility of owning my
own pet. About 5 years ago a small kitten somehow found its way in my
garage. Looking very scrawny and sick I took her in just to get her back to
good health. Little did I know that we were bound to be together from that
day on. A few years ago I was in a car accident that left me wheelchair
bound and unable to do much on my own. With no family close by even the
smallest amount of care my cat needed was almost impossible for me to do.
The thought of giving up my friend was almost impossible to even consider
but I just didn’t know what else to do.

I ran across PALS on line and called just to see what they would tell me. I
had already made several calls to other organizations and was brushed off
before I could even finish my conversation. But with PALS there was no
interruption. I told Kevin my situation and after less than two days
received an application. While he explained before hand that PALS program
did not provide individual home care for pets because there was only one
staff member, he did research and find someone who would give one hour every
other day to come empty the litter box and any other small task that needed
to be done. He has even come himself when volunteers were unable. I know
this is outside of the basics that PALS provides which is exactly why
organizations like this are so needed in every community. People now days
are always in such a hurry and do want to help as long as it doesn’t require
too much time from their busy schedule. My tinker bell provides me with so
much comfort and it would kill me if I didn’t have PALS to help me. I don’t
consider PALS just an organization that helps provide me with services but
friends that go above and beyond to see that my cat gets everything needed
to be healthy and remain with me where he is loved.

Always Grateful
Shelly AIMG_0211



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