Mr. Addison & Sammy

There is nothing worse than knowing that you have a pet that needs care and you cannot provide because your disability check is gone before you even receive it. This was my dilemma seven years ago when I happened to hear about Pets Are Loving Support. My pet was two years old when I was diagnosed with an illness and while it has been manageable with several surgeries and medications, I cannot work, drive a car or even do the simple things like walking in my yard. Knowing that my pet needs me has kept me going and keeps me focused on not just my needs but his as well. The day I contacted Pets Are Loving Support I was at my wits end. My pet Sammy had not had shots for over a year and I could not find a veterinarian anywhere that would even consider taking a payment plan. No one cared. When I called I was so frantic that I couldn’t even talk without crying. But Kevin asked me to calm down and just explain my situation. Before the call was over not only did he arrange to bring me an application but also a small bag of food to get me through until the application was reviewed. Within two weeks he had me an appointment with the Humane Society and my Sammy got his shots, heartguard and flea medication. Even though he is now going on ten years old he is still very frisky and happy. If it wasn’t for this organization and all they do I know Sammy would not be here today. Not only have they enriched my pet’s life but mine as well.