Pets Are Loving Support, Inc.
1530 DeKalb Avenue NE, Suite A
Atlanta, GA  30307

Our office is located inside The Phillip Rush Center. Because our office is only staffed part time, it is best to call or e-mail to arrange for an appointment to make sure someone will be there to meet with you.

Phone: 404.876.PALS (7257)


Executive Director

PALS Board of Trustees

  • Steve Parker, Chair –
  • Bill Golden, Interim Vice Chair
  • Mike Anderson, Treasurer
  • Michael Edwards, Secretary
  • Joel Feuer, Bingo Co-Chair
  • Jim Marks, Bingo Co-Chair
  • Kevin Pelkey
  • Jeremy Tarlow, DVM
  • Ann Vitale

PALS is hiring!

We are currently seeking a new Executive Director. Click here to review the job posting and join our team!


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