Get Involved

We have many ways you can volunteer with us!

We are a non-profit with opportunities to suit introverts behind-the-scenes and extroverts way out in front.

Whether it's assisting with set up for a special event or community outreach, interacting with our vaccine clinic animals, or inviting a PALS leader to speak to your business, civic, or faith group about how you can help us grow.

Email [email protected] and tell us how you or your business want to help support pets and the people who love them.

Looking to give monetarily?

Head over to our Donate page.

"I continue to volunteer at PALS because I know how much my dog helps me.  He gets me up in the morning and lets me know when it is time to go to bed and he certainly lets me know when it is time to eat.  He keeps me in a routine and that has been essential during this past year with all the Covid restrictions. I live alone and he has kept me from becoming depressed.  I know that our clients get the same benefits from their pets."

Roy, PALS Volunteer