Manly Miss America 2014

Please click on the image of the contestant for which you wish to vote.  This will take you to the Donation page.  Each vote is $1.00.   So, if you donate $20.00, that equals 20 votes for your contestant.  

Once you are on the Donate page, select the option to donate to a specific fund.  A drop down box will appear and each contestant has a fund.  Be sure to select the contestant you wish to receive your vote!!!!


Voting ends tonight at midnight!!!!

Rob Jarrett
Rob Jarrett – Massachusetts
“Felicia Gallows”
David Lile
David Lile – Utah
“DeFonda Virtue”
Kevin Bryant "Sarah Belle Palsy"
Kevin Bryant – Alaska/Russia
“Sarah Belle Palsy”
Tony Pruitt "Anita Cocktail"
Tony Pruitt – Texas
“Anita Cocktail”
Erica Lee
Erica Lee – New York
aka “Joel Feuer”
Matt Meehling
Matt Meehling – New Jersey
“Kim Kartrashian”
Sean Peterson
Sean Peterson – Oregon
Bill Blumber "Poca Hontass"
Bill Blumberg – Virginia
“Pocahontass Running Bare”
Bobby Kircher
Bobby Kircher – Florida
“Eva Glades”
Thom Panto
Thom Panto – Washington DC
Tomas Espinoza
Tomas Espinoza – California
Jacob Dore
Jacob Dore – Colorado
Brandon Christopher
Brandon Christopher – Georgia
“Pia Onme”
Daniel Goddard – Arizona
 “Daniella Vess”
Monte Brown – Alabama
“Rosa Sparks”
Danny Sutton "Ima Cross-DaBorda"
Danny Sutton – New Mexico
“Ima Cross-DaBorda”
Shawn Davis
Shawn Davis – Missouri
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