P.A.L.S. Needs your help!  We have many ways you or your friends & family can help volunteer!
We are a non-profit comprised entirely of volunteers and and only receive monetary support from the public.  If you are interested, please contact us at palsatlanta@www.palsatlanta.org and let us know what area you would be interested in helping.

Warehouse Team

Warehouse Help
Are you available on an on call basis?  P.A.L.S. needs help distributing food to our clients and to Rescue Banks.  In addition to distributing food, P.A.L.S. needs help unloading truck loads of food.  Our warehouse is located own Liddell Dr and the distribution usually takes a few hours.

Transportation Team

Pet Transportation
Our pets sometimes need your help to get to their vet appointment. P.A.L.S. volunteers with cars can help by providing the transportation. Advance notice of a week is typical.

Food Delivery Team

Food Delivery Driver
Are you available once a month? On the second Saturday of each month, P.A.L.S. volunteers deliver pet supplies to clients. If your schedule fluctuates, you may consider substitute driving – if a regular driver is out, P.A.L.S. needs a driver to fill in. To help the drivers, we like to have an volunteer assist with the loading of the vehicles.

Foster Care

Our clients are often sick and need hospital care. During these times, we help by providing foster care and adoption services for their pets. We are constantly in need of volunteers with pet-friendly homes to assist in fostering pets for a maximum of 30 days


WE ARE NOT AN ADOPTION SERVICE, however under the emergency circumstance of a client passing away or permanently going into hospice that prohibits animals, we offer adoption as a service. Your assistance in matching a pet with a good home is helpful.

Fundraising Events

P.A.L.S. is always looking for help organizing and running its fundraisers.  P.A.L.S. always needs help setting up for our Bingo events at Jungle.  The set up takes place at 11:00am the day of the event and  typically last 30 to 45 minutes.

Outreach Staffing

P.A.L.S. Outreach is important for spreading the word about our mission. Outreach staffers set up, staff tables, and sell merchandise at animal events, volunteer fairs and fundraisers.